Things you should know before you begin using Social Media as your tool for marketing.

How do you start a campaign ?  

Who is this company? What do we represent ? What is the goal?

What are the objectives? 

Who are the people who are influential? Group of people? Similar interest + following group.  

Understanding the company itself – listening to consumers, what is there about the brand that people want? 

Insert into dissuasion – this is how you re the awareness – to create behavior action. 

Reach is all about how many people had the opportunity to see your brand in general and your message in particular.

What are the most important Metrics?

  • Sales
  • Brand Awareness
  • Traffic 
  • But you can’t guarantee any of it
  • You can measure and react

Listening to the audiences, 

Who is your consumer?

  • Listen to them (listen to be heard)
  • Engage them (monitor, measure, respond)
  • Follow them
  • Where are they?
  • Social Media Tools (Radian6,Hootsuite,SproutSocial)
  • But you still need analysis

Not a selling tool – more a conversational tool.

Twitter = listen to the people.

Consumer will tell you a lot

  • They tell you what you want
  • they tell you what they don’t want
  • They;; tell you whats wrong
  • they tell you what’s right

Use Social Channels to listen and engage

  • Facebook – Facebook Groups
  • Twitter Feeds – Follow People
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Pinterest Feeds
  • Google+, Instagram, Meet up, FourSquare, etc.
  • Types of Social Media (cant rooms, social networks, social media sharing, geo-targeting, )

What  are ROIs and KPIs and Who cares?

  • What’s the return? What’s the investment >
  • What are you benchmarks?

Plan with interest. Goals have to be tailored to access.

Data Rich and Insight Poor

  • Lots of info but what does it mean?
  • Need context  (competition,objectives, budget)
  • Need goals and objectives
  • Three Main goals and Objectives
  • Three Main Goals – Income, Customers Satisfaction, Cost Savings
  • Needs to all connect back

At least one tool for their project.

Way to a consumers Heart

Get attention (> Awareness)

Get their trust (> Engagement)

Get their engagement(> Persuasion)

Sell (>Conversion)

Sell Again(>Retention)



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